Personal Narrative: The Day I Lost My Right Arm

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Thursday September 25, 2015 was the day I “lost” my right arm. As it just so happens to be, my dominant arm is my right arm, so losing it made typically facile tasks extremely difficult. Although, writing was by far the most entertaining and difficult task put upon me. Of course my first day as an “amputee” left me pondering how in the world I was going to hold a pencil or even write, especially as I had an elements of literature test during second period. During first period, I did a miniscule amount of writing with my left hand, and the end result made me freak out about how anybody could actually read what I would write on the test. Eventually, I told myself “Calm down, as long as you take your time, your writing should be illegible.” Once I had calmed down, I was ready for the test, there was just one problem; my left arm was already tired from different muscles being used. Just a recommendation, never take a test with the non-dominant arm because it becomes tiring amazingly quickly, is painfully slow-going, and most will regret giving the task of deciphering the hardly readable handwriting to anyone. I know for a fact that when I had to give…show more content…
Throughout the day, I became more comfortable with how to grip my pencil and eventually learned how to write a little quicker, although the quicker I went, the bigger my letters were. Whoops! Oh well, at least the bigger the words got, the more legible they became. However, my handwriting was no where near eighth grade standard, first grade yes, but definitely not eighth grade. At least now I know that being a dominant arm amputee, or any type of amputee, would be challenging. Due to my limited eight hour experience as an amputee, I have now acquired a highly existent appreciation for the folks that have to live with being an amputee on a daily
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