Personal Narrative: The Day I Move To France

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Apart There were three of us girls who used to do everything together We all lived in Hawaii One day we were separated and we all moved away Madisen, Allison, and me, Macy, were finding our way All of us moved when we were young to different areas in the world Madisen moved to Africa to explore Allison moved to Australia to take a chance And finally, I went to discover more and moved to France Years past and our hearts began feeling empty, lost We all stared into space like there was no where we would fit in again Memories of our childhood filled our minds Of times we spent at the beach and our play dates of all kinds Hawaii gave us three our symbol of friendship Each time we saw a dove, we were filled with happiness and security None of…show more content…
Holding up our hands we reached out Where dove landed on our hands and we remembered what it was all about The breeze in the air brought the memories back; Sunshine, sandals, swimsuits, and smiles Running and feeling the sand squish between the toes on our feet Always laughing and having fun in the heat Remembering the fun times in the sun And seeing the dove took them back, Let's promise we will one day go to a concert together in New York City Being apart made them all feel guilty What we once promised now seemed like a dead dream The dove now gone, flying away just like our promise All of us needed something, someone, anything to feel the sense of happiness we once had We no longer wanted the feeling of being lonely and sad Not realizing the fulfillment we were soon to feel We all began running as fast as a we could like a cheetah Back to our homes, we were no longer going to wait for our dream to come true It was time and we knew We began packing our things Ordering tickets Ready to get back the happiness we once had when we were little I remember part of me drowning, then it went black and waking up in the hospital After waking up in the hospital and seeing my friends there beside me I knew We would always be together no matter
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