Personal Narrative: The Day My Dog Reilly Day

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On Saturday the third I hear my alarm beeping at six o’clock In the morning. I get out of bed, I put on my shoes and go down the stairs. After I reach the end of the stairs, I remember I am going to the Paris Street Market today. I went Into my basement and open the crate door and let my dog reilly out. Reilly Is a six and a half year old yellow lab. He is a golden colored yellow lab. He sprints up the stairs. He waits by the pantry door He thing every morning that he needs a dog treat by the fact that he was “ good “. After I give really a dog treat I tell him to go outside.I walk outside with him and grab his food and water bowl. I walk Into my house and filled up his water bowl and food bowl. I walk back outside I tell him “ Eat your food really “.…show more content…
I Run to my bathroom and take off my pajamas and put on fresh new clothes for the new day. I brush out my brown silk hair with my hairbrush. I look at the clock and say “ Oh crap, I forgot to wake up my mom to get read at six thirty ! “.( It’s seven o’clock
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