Personal Narrative - The Day My Father Left Us Essay

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The Day My Father Left Us My story begins when I was in the second grade. Times were good, and I was enjoying my childhood. On a certain Sunday I and my mom attended church, as we did on other Sunday’s. This time though my dad decided not to come with us because he said he was tired. So we were off on our own doing our regular Sunday activities. Activities on this day were pretty normal. We attended a nice church service, mingled with friends, helped out around the church, and either went out to eat or headed home for a nice cooked meal. On this particular day we had went out with a few church family members to a nice restaurant and decided to go home and relax for the week ahead of us. As we came home we were in for a big surprise. As…show more content…
The letter was read by mom first and later she explained its significance as a whole. The letter itself stated that things were not going as my pops had planned. He felt that it was better if he left since it would be a better environment for me. From this I understood, my mom and dad used to have arguments for no reason or something very small. My pops would come in late at night and just start arguing with my mom for something useless. This often led to tension in the household, and sometimes I felt I was caught in middle. So therefore his excuse for leaving was that of trying to ease the situation between my mom and dad while still being in my life, when I needed him. My mom elaborated for me stating that things happen in life that we can not control. At times like this I should not blame myself just keep in mind that both of my parents love me and are doing something for me to have a better living environment and upbringing. Although it might be difficult to except this at first it might just be for the better of things in general. After I heard and accepted what my mom had to say, I was ready to hear what my pops had to say about it in his own words. From the time my pops left I did not speak to him. I completely abandoned him, just like the way I felt he did to me. He tried to call me, I did not call him back, he tried to write me, I did not write him back, he even tried to come up and see me one day after school, I
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