Personal Narrative: The Day My Son

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Nathan A. Templon Professor V. Chapman English 1301 9 October 2017 The Day My Son Was Born When you hear the words I am pregnant from husbands standpoint. You are over-whelmed and you think man I did it now. These are natural reactions to the news. Babies are a wonder and a blessing. They bring happiness and frustration and this is how my story goes. One that would change me forever. I found out that my wife was pregnant about six months after my wife had a miscarriage. Then that day came my son was born was amazing and change me with happiness, less sleep, and nervousness. The day my son was born was like no other day. I was 31 and in the army attending night school for helicopter training. It was late afternoon in Virginia and I was asleep in my bed. I was awoken to my wife saying she was in labor and three weeks early from the due date. I was in disbelief, no way she could have been in labor. I had totake her to a hospital in Newport News, Virginia. The nurses had confirmed that my…show more content…
I had been nervous about having a baby from the day I found out my wife was pregnant. Now here was the day my son was born and my nerves had been out of control. The nervousness that I had felt some say was normal for the situation. I was nervous about the birth, the c-section, and then my son himself. I was worried about the safe birth the health of my son. I was nervous about my wife and that she was good after the procedure. This nervousness would continue for months to come. That day had changed my life forever. The day my son was born was the best day in my life. I was changed with Happiness. I got less sleep that day because of all the things going on. To be nervous is an understatement in this case. I was over come with nerves with the birth of my son, That day was a special day had changed me forever. I will always remember that day and the birth of my wonderful son. In the end I was a great day and I would never change
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