Personal Narrative-The Death Serum

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The Death Serum “Get down,” I say, pushing my agent-in-training Xavier to the ground. “Turn on the voice detector and don’t say a word. I’m recording.” His emerald-green eyes light up as I’m setting up the audio tracker. “Wait, are we going undercover right now—” I press my index finger firmly to my lips while glaring at Xavier, indicating him to stay silent. He nods his head excitedly. Crouching, I motion towards the opaque window above me, where I can scarcely make out two figures, a man and a woman, standing over a chemistry set. Painted above the door next to it in jet black is B-147, one of the many labs the scientists at S.S.R.I. (Secret Scientific Research Institution) use to work on their experiments. Cautiously, I slide the pebble-sized voice detector under the door.…show more content…
We’ve designed the serum to completely stop the heart from functioning as well as shut down the mind. In consequence, a heavy dose, such as three injections, won’t allow the body to stay into a coma, and thus, it will stop breathing in a matter of minutes.” “I must say this is all very impressive, Dr. Martina. And I must ask, how would you use this serum if you had to get rid of, say . . . an army? The Rebelliors, for example?” “Without any other equipment such as syringes, simply breathing in the serum second-handedly can put someone into eternal sleep. It’s extremely contagious, so it will spread like wildfire, therefore, can kill half the inhabitants. If that isn’t enough, the serum could be transformed into a gas and be leaked unto their base. Everyone would be gone in under an hour. Just like that,” Dr. Martina says, snapping her fingers for effect. “Extraordinary. . . ,” I hear Chief Kent say. “Just like that?” “Yes,” replies Dr. Martina, and I picture her with an evil smile plastered on her face. “It goes into immediate effect when it is inhaled. With this serum, no one can resist it, not even The Rebelliors, which means we have complete power over
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