Personal Narrative: The Dogwood Beach

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I shook the gift anxiously hoping to figure out what my grandfather sent me in the colorfully wrapped box. Yet after hours and hours of guessing I still couldn't figure it out. My mother strictly forbade me from opening the gift till the next morning, and my curiosity was driving me insane. The box was so light-weighted that it felt empty, and when I shook it simply made a faint sound so I couldn't even make a guess as to what it was. The next morning I ran to my living room with excitement and finally opened my gift. As I hastily ripped the paper off the box, what I discovered was not what I expected. I got a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of The Dogwood Chapel by Thomas Kinkade. Okay so that was about the most useless gift ever. Of course I still…show more content…
I was able to put a few of the corner pieces together till I realized that this was an incredibly time consuming and difficult task. I began to feel frustrated as all the pieces I tried to match just wouldn't fit together. I kept thinking of the bigger picture and how these endless tiny pieces were meant to fit with one another to create a beautiful scenery. I felt like I was losing my mind, “what can I possibly be doing wrong!” Time flew, and before I realized I had spent my afternoon trying to put together this seemingly harmless puzzle. I simply couldn’t put 1,000 pieces together, it was mentally and emotionally straining; but I couldn't quit either, I couldn't let it beat me. I spent several more hours, and was able to place a few more of those devilish pieces together and It looked like I had put a tree branch together, but it was still hard to tell. Okay so I failed tremendously, and till today I haven't finished the puzzle, but I have gotten through a great deal of it. I have decided to take this puzzle one step at a time, and slowly finish it rather than rush through it. This experience has taught me that not everything is meant to be mastered at a given moment, and that to achieve success I must
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