Personal Narrative: The Driver

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The Driver
It was a normal friday morning here in Dallas, I walk out to my condo balcony to breathe in the the fresh hot air, with a hint of cut lawn clippings. It is a perfect day for a parade through downtown Dallas with Mr. Kennedy. I walked over a few rooms to do my routinely check on Mr. President, and as usual his confident self just shooed me away and told me to do my own thing. I begin to start my breakfast that I usually cook for him and his family when we are on campaign. The overwhelming smell of bacon and eggs drug Kennedy out of his room over into the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Still in his PJ’s and all he does the same as me and walks out the balcony and shouts out that it is going to be a great day. After I eat my delicious
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We turn down elm street to be raided with the effervescent screams and cheers, I look back to the the stunning view of blacked out secret service vehicles. Feeling as confident as ever I begin to wave back to the cheers, I glance back at Kennedy and I can't help but smile, his striking smirk and happiness seems to be contagious. As I am driving I notice an odd glare that is slightly obstructing my vision, it goes away and comes back several times in the matter of a few seconds. Finally I realize that it seems to be some sort of laser pointer, I Just thought in my head must be some obnoxious kid who got a new toy. Suddenly I find myself starting to think of the worse, I glance behind me to see if I can recognize where it is coming from. I am able to trace it all the way up to a tall building on the 6th floor. Instantly I go to radio back to secret service, my radio was nothing but static. Within in milliseconds from noticing the obstruction Mr Kennedy violently flinches hard into his seat. I knew what was happening we were under attack, by the time I turned around to see if he was okay it had happened. It was an unbelievable sight, there sat the President's wife holding the intellect system of Mr. John F.
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