Personal Narrative: The Exchange Of Democracy

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Think of two happy, joyful, jubilant little babies. The name of one was Alison, and the other Stevie. One glorious day, their mommy buys them a set of Legos. Initially, they would scream and shout and fight over who got the Legos. To fix this, their father devised a system where he would randomly select one of them every four hours; whomever he picked would get to play with the Legos during that time. The first baby, Alison, wanted to build a beautiful city with a stretching skyline while the second baby, Stevie, wanted to build a massive monolithic tower that would stand for a thousand years. As I am sure we will all agree, either construction would have the outcome of a magnificent creation. However, seeing how there was but one set, both goals could not be met simultaneously. Therefore, the first thing that either baby would do upon the set switching hands would be to undo everything the other baby did in order to get the pieces needed. As they grew, so did the conflict. Once they were a bit older, their parents decided to join a playgroup. The new kids that Alison and Stevie met in the playgroup…show more content…
Much like the Legos, control of the American political system changes every four years. Again, like the Legos, it is often the first order of business of the newly elected President to undo all major bills passed by the previous President. President Trump based his campaign on dismantling democratic bills such as Obamacare in his first one hundred days and that is exactly what he is doing. However, this is no new problem. In The Prince, by Machiavelli, Machiavelli describes the major problem that all republics face regarding parties. To summarize, the political parties will focus more upon defeating each other in meaningless victories while their enemies grow stronger and more unified until they are capable of taking over after the republic crumbles from
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