Personal Narrative: The Fake Sound Of Progress

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When I was high school, I discovered Lostprophets. I bought The Fake Sound of Progress in 9th grade and loved it. As I got older, I would drive my mom’s station wagon and a hook up my portable CD player to the tape deck and bring along several CD’s when I would head out to hang with friends. I always had the following albums.
Lostprophets - Fake Sound of Progress
Thursday - Waiting
AFI - Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
Boysetsfire - After the Eulogy
Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary
Now that I have shown my age, let me take you a further forward in time. It was during my senior year of high school that I saw the film “24 Hour Party People” which was about the Manchester music scene from the days of punk, post-punk, house and electronica.
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