Personal Narrative-The Fall

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The Fall
“You’re going to love it here Lilly,” my dad said excited and hopeful.
“Dad we’re just staying here for a week,” I told my dad, “it’s not like we’re moving here.”
“Well I grew up in Alaska and I want you to experience living here for at least a little while,” he said, “besides it’s beautiful there.”
I understand, he just wanted for me to see where he grew up. And he was right, it is supposed to be beautiful there and it would be nice to get away from everything and be surrounded by nature.
“Now boarding flight 2204, now boarding flight 2204,” an overhead voice said.
“That's our cue,” my dad commented happily, grabbing his bag and gesturing for me to hurry.
“I guess it is,” I responded. I grabbed my carry-on and walked down with
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It was like you were inside the worst possible car wreck imaginable. We hit the water hard and skidded to a halt. I tried to stay in the brace position but the force of the landing was massive. I jolted in my seat from the incredibly rugged landing. I hit my head hard on the seat in front of me and my vision blurred.
My dad hastily unbuckled my seatbelt bringing me to full focuss. I started to open the door as fast as I could, I didn’t know what was going to happen but I knew that I needed to get the door to open quickly.
People were crowding behind us trying to get out, some shoving each other to try to get closer to survival. Because I read the directions thoroughly while we were falling, I managed to open the door. As soon as I got the door open though, freezing cold water came rushing in, hitting me like cold, hard fists. It was so shockingly cold that I kept thinking that we were either going to drown or get hypothermia. My dad grabbed me and the airline lady and pushed us out the door.
“Whatever you do don’t let your head go under the water and try to control your breathing!” my dad yelled over the waves. I suddenly remember when we talked about hypothermia in school. I don’t know what temperature the water was but I knew we didn’t have long until someone would fall unconscious or not be able to function properly
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