Personal Narrative: The Falling

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The Falling
My face was as pale as white snow as I saw blood surrounding me and on my arms. A million thoughts swarmed through my head at the horror of the sight “ What’s happening? Where am I? Why am I on the floor? Who's that man next to me?” As I slowly got up, I immediately tried to find the location of where the blood was coming from. At that moment, I realized it was coming from my head… I woke up on my soft comfy bed tried as usual. Thinking it was a school day, I went to brush my teeth and got ready, but as I entered the kitchen I caught a glimpse of the time. “7:30! I overslept again!” I thought to myself. Though, I must've made a lot of noise because my mom came out of her room mad as ever. “Its Saturday! Why on earth are you getting ready?” my mom asked me
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After eating breakfast my whole entire family headed to Sports Authority in our light blue new shiny car. I hated going shopping, all I would do is sit in the bench and wait for them to take many hours to choose a simple pair of shoes. I never understood why soccer was so important to my parents, especially to my dad. At the age of 4 my dad signed me up to Mclean soccer along with many other sports including, gymnastics, swimming and ice skating. The sports were fun, but shopping for the shin guards or shoes was like waiting a lifetime. By the time we got to Sports Authority it was 9am and the store was practically empty. Hours passed as I waited and watched my parents discuss what shoes to buy Kimberly. I sat on the bench awkwardly as if it were a horse. I guess it made sense, since I was so bored of just standing up. My two legs were on each side of the seat and without realizing it, I slowly moved backward little by little. Now, next to the bench was a silver rack of shoes with pointy things coming out of it. Of course, no one noticed me slowly moving away and eventually the bench ended. I fell and hit my head on pointy part of the
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