Personal Narrative: The Fatty In The US

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Right, after Phyllis Lopez remembered that the ugly, red sweater is hers Mrs. Price decides to give us a brand new seating chart for lunch. Now, we are all in the cafeteria and Mrs. Price just placed me, of all people, in between Sylvia Saldivar and Phyllis Lopez! I went to Mrs. Price and begged, “Please Mrs. Price can I have a seat change, PLEASE!”, but Mrs. Price wouldn’t budge. Mrs. Price raised her voice and said, “NO! Rachel you will sit in that seat if I have to glue you to it!” I had to give up I mean she is the teacher, and when I got to the table no one was there yet. In my head I was thinking THIS IS THE WORST SEAT IN THE HISTORY OF SEATS EVER! I would rather eat in a trash can. I bring my lunch so I don't like school cafeteria food. Besides,…show more content…
I decided to go. We stopped at Hana Sushi to get my lunch. When I got back to school everyone had planned a surprise party. It was okay I just wish I could have had a better day than I did. I just want to redo the day. When I blew out the candles for the cake I wished that I could redo this day. The cake had my face on it and balloons all around it. Phyllis and Sylvia came up to me and said,” Rachel, we are very sorry for what we did to you. We wish that we could redo this day and make better choices. We're VERY sorry.” “ EVeryone makes mistakes I am just glad you apologized and I am ok.” I ran off and got ready to leave school was almost over. When the school bell rang, my mom drove me home. We celebrated again at home with just my family. Everybody sang Happy Birthday Rachel and even though my dad was rough I guess there was a plus. I got to skip school, first time in an ambulance, and more. Now, I am feeling down my birthday went the opposite of what I wished. In my head, all I can think is eleven, eleven, eleven. When we are all down celebrating my mom tells me goodnight and I fall fast asleep hoping the day will start over. I will know what to say and
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