Personal Narrative: The First Race Of The Race

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“Stretch!” Coach Marushak yelled as the girls prepared for their race. It was the first race of the season. Practice had began in May throughout summer, and now into the school year. Everyday practice was held from three to five in the afternoon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they met up at the pool at six in the morning to swim laps back and forth. This year was to their advantage because most of their races were at their home course. This allowed them to understand the course and practice on the hardest area, which was the hill behind the football stadium. Coach Marushak trained them to sprint at the beginning of the race but to eventually find their running pace so that they would not get tired too fast. He also trained them to stride out during…show more content…
I had no experience at all. . In fact, I had never participated in a sport before. It was my sophomore year and I thought to myself, “I am sixteen years old, and I have yet to play a sport.” Of course, I did well in school, and took honors and advanced placement classes but that gave me little sense of accomplishment. During my freshman year, there was one thing I heard that stuck to me. Throughout high school there are three types of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who say, what happened? The first time I heard that, I knew I wanted to be the person that made things happened. I knew I did not want to graduate high school without finding my weaknesses and my strengths. I learned about cross country from a classmate and thought, “I can learn to become a long distance runner.” At that moment, I knew I wanted to run cross country. I began telling my family and friends that I will be participating in cross country my junior year, but they responded by laughing at me and telling me, “you will not be able to run for that long, you barely work out now!” This, however, did not discourage me. This made me become even more devoted to it, because I wanted to prove them
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