Personal Narrative: The Five Popular Cultures

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The five popular cultures that I partake in are; dancing, playing the violin, celebrating Father’s Day, ice skating, and celebrating Mother’s Day. coming from ancient Egypt as rituals for their gods and goddesses, dancing could be performed by making movements with one’s body. During the 1530’s in Cremona, Italy, Andrea Amati made the first violin. The violin made by piecing together an ivory or ebony fingerboard, a wooden bridge, two spruce sound posts, and a wooden frame with catgut (the dried, stretched, and twisted intestines from a goat or sheep) strings tightly fastened to the instrument; it was played by using a wooden bow with hair made of horsehair and by placing one’s fingers to hit certain pitches, sharps, flats, and harmonics. By taking the back leg bone from an animal and strapping it to your shoe and using poles to push one across ice is how ice skating became known as ice skating and dates back to as early as 3000 BC and linked to Northern Ancient Europe. Mother’s Day is a holiday that originates from the wild and wonderful state known as West Virginia in the year 1908 and was a day to mourn fallen soldiers and work for peace. Similar to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day originates…show more content…
By baking pepperoni and cheese into a roll so miners could have a more filling meal without feeling sick from spoiled food, the pepperoni roll was made and sold by Guiseppe “Joseph” Arigiro at the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia in 1924. The Coal Festival is a festival held in Boone County, West Virginia to celebrate the abundance of coal that is mined there and to encourage people to go to the Coal Heritage Museum and learn about their history. White water rafting is something that many people go to West Virginia to experience in the New River
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