Personal Narrative : The Flight School

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Autumn 1999 Scottsdale, Arizona When Miguel appeared at the flight school where I was an instructor, there was no indication of the relationship we would develop or of the adventures we were destined to share. I would have laughed at anyone crazy enough to suggest that within a year he and I would pilot a single engine plane from Phoenix, Arizona to Santiago, Chile. No one could have predicted that along the way a woman in a remote village would try to give us her baby or that we would find ourselves buzzing an airstrip to chase away festival celebrants so we could land. The school offered a lesson called An Intro Flight. Even though it wasn’t really a lesson, the school advertised it as such and offered it at a discount. The owners…show more content…
You guessed it: he never even took a single lesson. When Miguel walked in the door, other than his gray tinged lamb chop sideburns, he appeared to be no different than the others who passed through. He declared that flying had been his dream and added how happy he was to now have the time to take lessons and make it happen. He also expressed a desire to buy a Cessna and fly it from the United States to Chile. I thought he was just like the others: a man with a crazy plan and no understanding of what was involved. I figured he would never come back because it was too expensive, too time consuming, or required too much effort. Little did I know! It was very, very common to have people come into the flight school to inquire about training. Some never made it past the price sheet. Others, as I mentioned previously, took the cheap introductory flight and never returned. Occasionally, someone would take a lesson or two before disappearing. Miguel appeared to be the same as all the others, except he returned even though it was many months later. It turned out, that the whole time he was gone, he was studying the books he’d bought and was truly excited to begin; he simply was busy with other things. Miguel was the one person who took an intro ride and subsequently completed training. He was, and continues to be, the man who defies expectations. Upon arrival that day, he had been unwilling to pay for a full lesson. Soft spoken with a
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