Personal Narrative: The Floating Irishman

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A few years back on a perfect summer day, my friends and I decided to go out on my boat, the Floating Irishman. My dad, the captain, began to sail off out of the marina into the nice calm water; it seemed like a perfect day to go out. We went out about ten miles away from the marina and decided it was a terrific spot to throw out the anchor. Once we were securely into the ground below, we threw out some floats attached to the boat and started swimming. My dad had given us a few safety precautions; the most important was “Do not go past the blue float.” That was the furthest float away from the boat which went out about 25 feet back. Everyone was having a great time pushing each other off of the float and swimming around in the river; definitely a day to remember. It was beginning to get a little late out so we decided to eat some food that my mom had prepared for us. We ate and hung out on the boat for a little while until finally i decided to jump back in, and my friends joined me.…show more content…
I knew that we would have to act quickly; my dad screamed for Gabby to pull in the floats while I pulled up the anchor. I quickly ran to the bow of the boat, and began tugging at the anchor. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was stuck in the thick clay floor of the river. My dad really began screaming at this point being that the safety of my friends was at risk, and if you know my dad you would understand how frightening that is. Finally, I got it out; after maneuvering the boat in order to release the tension on the anchor. We started treading back to retrieve my friends that were floating further away from the boat. Once we got them back on board, we thought that it might be a good idea to just head home. At the time, my dad seemed angry with us, but looking back on it now he finds himself laughing about the overall experience we had that
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