Personal Narrative: The Football Team

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It all started in 7th grade, our football team was at the time undefeated and we were in our second to last game. We were up by quite a bit and our team was feeling sanguine, our coach didn’t put too much thought into it, and called a run up the middle with our star running back Michael Lundy. He Got the ball and ran for Three short yards then suddenly tripped over a pile of angry, impassioned, irritable teenage boys. Michael had landed wrong and you could see by his expressions he was hurt, his dad came on the field and helped carry him off. We were forced to continue the game without Michael, which wasn’t all that bad because there were only three minutes left in the game. We the Philomath 7th grade braves had won our second to last game…show more content…
It was a casual Friday morning, a little bleaker and laid back and no one was in a rush to get to where they needed to go. I was moving along at my casual pace and the only difference i had felt that i hadn’t encountered throughout the previous mornings of my football games, were the butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous, and I don’t usually get nervous the morning of my football games. But I was, and I couldn’t get this desperate feeling in my stomach to go away. I had tried everything but my body knew, with Michael out a lot more responsibilities would be pointed towards me offensively and defensively. I was worried that I would make a mistake and cost our team an undefeated, hard-fought season we had spent hours getting better in.
Well it was about that time and our entire team was dismissed early for our game, and as we flooded the hallways of our small middle school to go get our things all I could do was think about the game ahead. At first, I was just ready to play, the butterflies were still there but I had to go along with that fire my team was providing the whole way to Woodburn. Woodburn was not an amazing team and we had beat them by almost 40 the first time we played them earlier in the year. So we knew we could beat them with our entire team, but when you take out our best player does the outcome
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