Personal Narrative: The Four Levels Of Conflict Resolution

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When with a group of people sooner or later you will run into conflict with one another. There are four levels of conflict that can happen with any team. Level 1 having the easiest resolution and level 4 having the most difficult resolution. The first level of conflict is fact or data. Having conflict on a fact is very cut and dry, there is only one outcome. Data can either be unfinished or done improperly which can have more than one outcome. This can cause arguments in a group (Griffith, Dunham, 2015). I had conflict when I worked at a concession stand. There was a miscount of the money at the end of the day. My coworker and I had a disagreement on who was right and it result both making a miscalculation. The second conflict comes from the processes and methods that the members participate in.…show more content…
This conflict can be reduced by making policy and establishing ground rules (Griffith, Dunham, 2015). A coworker of mine had a problem with his mannerisms towards his fellow workers. This was solved through an ultimatum of being terminated or following the rules set up by the managers. The third level of conflict is the goals and purpose of a team. "Why are we working on this?" Is a common phrase that you can hear which can cause power struggles in a group (Griffith, Dunham, 2015). I have found myself wondering why I am doing something, but then I realized that what I am doing has been tested to be efficient. The fourth and final conflict Is the beliefs and values of the members. This is the most difficult conflict to resolve since its comes from the person's identity. The only way to solve this conflict would for the two parties be willing to change their outlook (Griffith, Dunham, 2015). I cannot say that I have ever had a conflict like this resolved. I have put in my two weeks when I found out that the majority of the people that I worked with did not share my same values. I did this for my benefit and
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