Personal Narrative: The Future Of America

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In class we watched a video over a very opinionated male who explained the reason why America is not great. I have a lot of respect for this man and I think that he brought up some extremely valid points that I have never thought about. What I mainly want to touch on is the fact that he accused my generation of being apathetic. He basic says that we could care less and are lazy good for nothings. The best response I can think of is, look at who raised us. Now, I am not saying that it is entirely our parents fault or their parents fault for the reason why teenagers do not care about school, grades, or the world. I am just saying that it is unfair to put the entire blame on my generation saying that we are the reason why the America is not great. He makes it seem that as soon as my…show more content…
How is anything going to change if we keep passing the blame so that it never falls on us. Many people are concerned about the future of america due to the looks of our generation. An argument they use is that we plain do not care, well make us care. There are plenty of people yearning for information and to be a part of change but there are no opportunities. How are we expected to change America if we are kept in the dark on things or always talked down to. Like I have said before, to start change we have to work together. We have to create programs to get more people, especially teenagers, involved in important issues today. Maybe there are programs that get people involved, we just need to get the programs more known. It seems like such a daunting task to try to fix the world or get teenagers to care more about the future but it is possible. How is ranting and talking down to teenagers suppose to encourage us to take action? We need guidance from the older generations and then we can guide the generations to
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