Personal Narrative: The Get Away

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The Get Away
I was eight years old and on the run from the cops. I saw a cop car and my chubby cheeks suddenly paled. I turned and ran, my hair snapping in the wind. I did not realize that my situation could get worse. How did it come to this one may ask? Well, let me start at the beginning.
I was in Walmart grocery shopping with my mother. We needed milk, cereal, shampoo, and a few other things. The shopping trip took a while so my mother said I could get a candy bar to eat in the car. Excited, I ran to pick one. There were so many choices: Reese’s cups, Hershey bars, Milky Ways. I finally decided on a Snickers bar. My mother paid for the groceries and together we started to head to the door. It was not until I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder and heard a deep voice say, “excuse me ma’am,” that I realized my mother forgot to pay for my candy bar. Everyone’s eyes turned to me, the eight-year-old, the thief, the criminal. The worker stared at me with cold, unforgiving eyes, and I panicked.
I sprinted to the back of the store. My mother followed me, but after
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I could not give it to her in person, obviously, or she would have turned me in. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. When the coast was clear, I started running. I did not stop until I had reached my mother’s car. By some miracle it happened to be unlocked and I looked for a pen and some paper. I quickly scribbled a note to my mother: “I’m going to Texas and changing my name. I’ll see if Tio Mario and Tia Esther will let me live with them. If not I’ll live on my own. Don’t try to follow me.” After second thought, I scratched out the part about my tia and tio. My mother had already sold me out once; there was no doubt in my mind that she would have done it again. I left the note on her seat and started walking home. I needed to grab some supplies before I started heading to
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