Personal Narrative : The Great Gatsby

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Have you ever lit your pants on fire!?! Thankfully, neither have I, but I did make a fool of myself in front of my entire class. All of my teachers and classmates know that I am a slow reader, but I usually never do anything wrong. That is why it became such a shocking and hilarious experience when I finally did something wrong. I learned the hard way, through slight humiliation, that you should always follow an instructor’s exact directions no matter the circumstance. During the month of May, 2017, my Language Arts class was assigned a book project. Everyone received a book and worksheets that went along with the book, which helped us understand the meanings and ideas in the book. That year we read The Great Gatsby. The teacher would…show more content…
My teacher possessed a peculiar sense of humor and after she finished reading the chapter she said in a villainous tone, “It might be smart to review your worksheets for a surprise quiz tomorrow.” Accompanying her evil statement was an equally evil smile that traversed her face. The evil nature of her smile even gave me goosebumps. Taking her word that there was going to be a pop quiz tomorrow, I made sure that I attained my book and worksheets to study with that night. The next day, as promised, she handed out a short pop quiz. It was not as challenging as she tried to make it sound. It presented only five multiple choice questions on it. Once we finished our quizzes, she told us to read the next chapter silently. Once I finished my quiz at the speed of light, I decided to finish other homework, since I preferred to read at home anyway. So while the rest of my class was reading, I worked on homework. Thirty minutes later, I completely finished all of my other assignments, so I decided to start reading the chapter. After nearly two paragraphs in, my teacher interrupted the class to see if everyone finished reading the chapter. Unknown to me, the chapter was fairly short and everyone, but me, finished it. Raising my hand slowly, I told her that I had not finished reading. Everyone in my class turned around and stared at me. The teacher asked me how far I was in the chapter and how much time I needed to
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