Personal Narrative: The Guy Out The Way

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My scream tore throughout the dark alley as I push the guy out the way. The shooter ran as we fell on the ground just in time. The bullet only grazed his shoulder, but there was a lot of blood. I put my hands on the wound desperately trying to stop the blood. "Oh my," I panted as I lifted the now unconscious man off me. Getting down, I gasped as I saw how much blood he was losing, the bullet was still stuck inside him as I removed my coat and pressed it to his wound. I push my red hair behind my ears, as I lift the half-awake man in my hands. The unknown man was getting paler and paler as he lost more and more blood. This is no use, I have no phone on me and no car. Struggling to pick up the guy I steadily walked to my house.…show more content…
I stuck the key in the small white door of my house and hurriedly laid the unconscious man on my brother's old bed. My years of training have paid off. I stopped the blood and removed the bullet. His wound is wrapped up and he is laying peacefully on the bed. I remove myself from the man sleeping on the bed, biting my lips I lean on the door, questions running through my head. Who is this man? Questions swarmed through my head as I closed the door and headed to the bathroom. Later that night I went to sleep not knowing that I just saved Multi-Billionaire, Aiden
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