Personal Narrative: The Heroic Age

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The Golden Age (also known as the Heroic Age, the Empowered Age, or the Caped Age) is a period in human history following the emergence of the world’s first empowered individual, Preceptor, on March 3, 2022, and the social and political changes that the existence of him and his ilk brought about. The term was drawn from classical Greek mythology, denoting an idyllic era of peace. While the Golden Age brought with it a host of technological, cultural and social advancements, it also ushered in the frightful rise of empowered criminals, or supervillains as they became commonly known. By the early 2030s, in the wake of several atrocities committed by those supervillains, public opposition to empowered individuals culminated in a period of global…show more content…
Where should I begin? It’s a question I’ve pondered for years. It’s a strange feeling, to know that you lived through the beginning and ending of an age of history. They say the beginning and the end are the one and the same. And since I was there at the end, I shall begin. The Golden Age was named by us, the first ‘great capes’, for its accuracy. It was to be an age where great tasks were accomplished. It would have ushered in an age of transcendent harmony, where no man would have wanted for anything, where the people of Earth would prosper under the watchful eyes of benevolent guardians. We brought technologies that had been the realm of science fiction to solve the energy crisis. We brought a utopia from the bottom of the ocean to serve as a model for the future world. We brought down each and every villain who endeavored to use their powers to bring cataclysm as opposed to revelation. We brought hope as we walked the world like giants, making everything right in the goal of putting an end to suffering. Not even the gods of old Olympus, in all of their divinity, could have imagined what we aimed to achieve. But what we could not change was human
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