Personal Narrative: The Hospital Room

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The hospital room is a cream color and gave off a depressing mood. Faint noises of crying come from other rooms. Picking up my arm to stretch, but unable to move as thoughts start rushing to my head. A familiar face steps into the room. Her eyes a red color from crying I can tell. She has wavy brown hair and an hourglass figure. Small and tan she hesitantly walks closer and lies a small hand on my head. That's the last thing I remember before I black out again.

On my way to the race my hands are shaking. I have weary feeling that something is going to go wrong, but I shake the feeling. My sister is in the back blabbing away on her phone. Apparently from what I can hear Gabby broke up with her boyfriend and everything is terrible in life. My friend was just behind us. Flying rocks are coming at us as we drive along the gravel road. The trailer is shaking as we go over the bump and into the track. We pay and park to unload the bike.
My dad takes the bike off the trailer as I put on my neon gear. The last buckle clicks into place, and I walk over to my bike. Over the loudspeaker they announce the first 250 practice. I hear the other riders start their bikes and ride to the starting gate. Gabby walks out to signal us to go. We begin out slow and start to go faster. Once I get into a grove the checkered flag comes out. Everyone
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The nurse came in and I tried to get up. At that moment I realized, I actually realized that I was paralysed. Tears started filling my eyes, but I blinked them back. I whispered yes, and the nurse came near. As she lifted me into my wheelchair with the help of another nurse. We passed the office my mom and dad were in on the way to meet the personal trainer. Hearing their voices made me have hope, and then then I started sobbing. Through the door the doctor had just informed my parents that there was an eighty percent chance I might not walk ever
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