Personal Narrative: The Hunger Games

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Some may look me and think I have no chance in history of winning anything, but no one really knows what I am capable of. I am like dynamite, I come in a small package but the damage I can do is unbearable. I have many different skills that explain why you should sponsor me for The Hunger Games. These games require 24 randomized people to be thrown into an arena and forced to fight each other to death. There can only be one winner, and I promise you that will be me. Even though you may think I am too small to win, sponsoring me is the best choice you have because I have outstanding hand-eye coordination, I am very intelligent, and I am also able to get away quickly if needed. The first reason as to why you should sponsor me for The Hunger Games is because my hand-eye coordination is mouth-dropping. Since I play tennis, I’ve had a limitless amount of time to practice this skill. In order to hit the ball, you need to be able to place it just right on the strings, which you can only do with the correct hand placement and eye movement. In the past two years, I have been able to hit 30+ balls, only with a one-handed stroke, in a row. Also, I train with high schoolers already and I am only in 7th grade. This is because of my extreme effort in order to be the…show more content…
Every single year that I have been in school, my report card always came out on top. If you look at all of my past grades, you will notice that not one B has appeared. This is because I’ve never gotten one! I may have had a few papers that aren’t as impressing, but overall I worked my way back up until I saw that forever standing A. My intelligence level would help me in the games because in order to know how to survive, you need to be able to think of just how you might do that. I will be able to come up with the right strategies in any circumstance to keep myself
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