Personal Narrative: The Identity Of Women

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“Is it real? Eyebrows, fingernails, hair, Is it real?” The lyrics ran through my head as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. In a time where a small waist and big butt were in fashion, it came more naturally than I anticipated for women to encourage each other to ‘improve their looks’. The more I scrolled, the more I realized that women validated themselves by their physical appearance, finding more worth in the curve of their hips rather than the flexibility of their thoughts. “All you see is what you’re lacking, and not what you’re packing.” In that moment, there could not have been a better song to knock me back into my senses. The Cleopatra-like figure had captured my awe. Tantalizing me with ideals of ‘more beauty’ that had been ingrained in so many fragile hearts already that my sudden noncompliance angered her in ways indescribable. It was a trap. The words resonated on all four corners of my mind as I took the time to pause, reflect and research on what I was witnessing. In an article celebrity trainer, Nicole…show more content…
Could it be that we were brainwashed? Who was brainwashing us? The questions continued to appear as I pondered; who decided that women had to feel the need to apologize when they weren’t wearing make-up? When did loving ourselves become such a foreign idea? A few months ago I had this revelation and from that day forward I no longer bubbled with glee when I was complimented on my beauty. I would much rather have liked being called intelligent or interesting because for the first time, I realized that there were things much bigger than the way I perceived myself or the way others perceived…show more content…
We were all made to perfection and unfortunately, what we called ‘flaws’ did not exist. The only flaws we had were
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