Personal Narrative: The International Chocolate Robbers

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After being a detective for eighteen years, it was a little odd to think that I was currently joining an anti chocolate thieving association (also known as ACTA). After the mass robberies of chocolate, the candy that everybody loves are now under the risk of extinction. The chocolate robberies had left the candy companies in shambles, leaving everyone in confusion. The companies tried to lie, but I was on the case. I found out that there was an organization against these kind of robberies. Therefore, I joined. Apparently, there was another group who were, indeed, robbing chocolates.

The name of the group was the ICR, or the International Chocolate Robbers. They were after the delicacy chocolates the world had to offer. They were lead by a
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Tyler disappeared we were on a field trip to the nearest cocoa growing plant, in Florida. We couldn’t keep going. He had all of the supplies for exploring. This was horrible. We couldn’t do anything. We had to go back.

Who could do this? I realized that we were the most vulnerable together, and so I told the last three to go to the base, but separately. We arrived, and everyone was still in one piece. We looked for a way to not cut open the door, and found one. Always remember to lock your back door. We stepped in, being a little more sneaky than last time. The room was full of boxes. I wondered what they would be used for, but I discarded the question and continued on in.

“Thank you so much,” a voice boomed. “I didn’t have to do anything, you just came to me. I feel so appreciated,”

I searched the room, looking for the source of the voice. I saw a figure mover in the corner.

“Who’s there,” I questioned. Suddenly Abby appeared from behind a crate.

“Abby?” I said, and almost laughed. “What?” was all I could manage. There were too many
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I decided that I could slowly slip away money, and give it to the ICR. More and more, but you guys were too stupid to realize what was going on. It probably was a bad idea to tell you all of this, but it’s not like you are ever gonna walk out of this building again. Soon you’ll help us in our world domination plans. We used chocolate, a completely useless substance to completely ruin the U.S. Economy. How pathetic. But we won’t stop there. We’ll go all around the world. Until we can have everything we ever wanted. The World. Get ‘em,
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