Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Driving

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Feeling a faint tug of a familiar touch on my arm, slowly I open my eyes, wipe the dry crust off the corners of them, and then I sit up and pause for a moment to recollect my sense of being. I then put on my clothes for the start of a new sunny day. I pour my Cinnamon Life and milk then I place my bowl on the slick wooden dinner table and sit down on the old and hard wooden kitchen chair, and feeling the cold tiled floor through my socks while eating my cereal. Finally, brushing my teeth and grabbing my shoes and backpack to start my happy bright day. Childhood: where someone could live happily with no worries, play an infinite amount of times while engulfed with all the love around them. Jumping to now, waking up with an annoying buzzing…show more content…
It started out as just a casual drive with my dad to the store on a slick rainy night. I was not feeling so comfortable driving and constantly tried to shift my view, seat, and mirrors because I was so new. Flying at the speed of 45 mph I drove home on the street Alameda. For some reason I just felt jittery like I had just drank a leader of coke. I stop at the light one block away from my house in the turn lane. The light was green and I awaited an opportunity to turn left while all of the blindingly bright lights passed me by. As soon as I had a wide enough gap in traffic I proceeded to turn left without the thought that someone could swiftly run a red light. Suddenly, bam! The next thing I know I was sitting in the car halfway on the curb facing the ruck that had hit me and waiting for the police to arrive and thankfully no one was hurt. After the accident I could not trust anyone on the road and avoided driving as if it were the bane of my existence. I finally decided that it was time to get back on the horse because I did not want to let that experience get the best of me. I started to learn to drive defensively. Five months later, here I am and fully capable of effectively and confidently traveling from one place to
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