Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Playing Football

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Have you ever wanted to keep going even though there was a risk? Playing football was always what I wanted to do. I wanted to make it to the professional league and enjoy playing football. Then I hit my head and I had to modify my view on things. I had to let my dream fall back while I took on things that would last longer in life, like education, even though I didn’t want to, I did it because it’s the best for me. I’ll always be able to play football, but I won’t always be able to gain the same knowledge. When I was younger in 7th grade something happened that I could have never imagined. The cold morning of October was seeping in. I could feel beads of perspiration running down my forehead. You could see frosty exhales. The ferocious pounding of cleats smothered the grass. The quarterback called the cadence between exhausted breathes. Then, like a switch was flipped everyone moved at once. I took the handoff from the quarterback and felt the rough texture of the ball. There was virtually nowhere to run. Then instantly there were numerous adversaries trying to bring me down. All of a sudden I was falling backwards. I heard the most horrific noise of my life. The back of my head hit the cold, hard field. My skull felt as if it was rumbling everywhere. Everything was blurry. I felt an excruciating pain everywhere in my head. I heard a silent ringing. I heard multiple coaches feet against the ground flattening the grass. I heard muffled voices. I could feel my coaches coarse hands as he was helping me up.…show more content…
For the most part the dream had always had such a massive impact on my life. I always pictured myself playing football my whole life, having the perfect career, having great relationships with fans. I imagined being in the NFL running touchdowns, breaking all the records imaginable, and making it to the hall of fame. I felt like it would be this easy safe path into what I
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