Personal Narrative: The Khmer Rouge Soldier

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It is dark. And hot. And very quiet. It is so quiet that the only sound I can hear for what seems like miles, is my own panting as I make my way down to the cornfields. I left the hut not too long ago, with Ma and Loung both concerned about my safety. They say if I get caught stealing from the Khmer Rouge, bad things could happen to me. That means I can be beaten or even executed. But I know I have to be strong for Ma, Loung, Geak, and Chou. I know that without this food, my family can starve to death. The thought of Pa being proud of me, gives me the courage to keep walking. And so I walk, with the darkness hugging me tight like a blanket. My black clothes, mandatory at all times, keep me from being too noticeable. As I continue to walk I see the Khmer Rouge soldiers changing shifts not too far from where I plan to enter the corn field.…show more content…
However, I land head first into a corn stock and get scratches all over my knees and elbows. I sit there for just a second, afraid to even take a breath, as I hear the Khmer Rouge soldier settle into his position. As I hear him settle down, I start slowly picking corn off the stocks, making sure not even a rustle is made, out of fear of being caught. I even eat a few straight from the stock. They taste so good after having nothing to eat but a handful of rice everyday for the past few months, that I eat almost five by the time I leave. I never knew how easy it was to steal corn! My family will have plentiful amounts of food now, and I will come back to steal again, as long as I don’t get caught. I continue picking corn slowly but surely, for what feels like two hours. Then I sit and wait, for the soldiers to change shifts again. I wait for about an hour, taking careful consideration into how loud my breathing is , to make sure I don’t get
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