Personal Narrative : The Lightning Of The Woods

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June 17, 2012 was the date, and some storms were rolling into the area. I have storm chased many times in my life so this was not much different than other storms. The real difference was that this was in my neck of the woods. Radar indicated a particularly strong bow echo headed into the area, with straight line winds ranging from 50-70mph. I had decided to drive out just really to see the lightning storm from a distance, not terribly far from my home at the time, just south of Atwater, MN. I convinced my partner at the time to join me, as we both like watching lightning filled clouds. This being later in the evening we failed to take into account how rapidly the skies can darken. Nevertheless, we stayed out watching the approaching storms. We took our truck out to a high hill in the area to watch and enjoyed a pretty decent show, but we then decided to move further north to a more active cluster. We headed a few miles north highway 12 here in Kandiyohi County and parked, waiting and watching, as we really didn’t expect this storm to be really serious. Mother Nature had other plans. As we sat there in the vehicle and listened to the radio, we heard the news. Funnel clouds spotted, radar indicating powerful winds. Just then we received a call from one of our friends who knew we were out watching. The message, get to safety. According to my friend, there were other spotters chatting on radio about other rotating clouds near our location. Just as I was going to ask for more
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