Personal Narrative: The Man Who Killed The Victim

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For example, I could say "the man on trial may not have killed the victim, but the victim was stabbed, and the man on trial did own an awful lot of knives, didn't he?" - that kind of snide inference is not literally the same as saying you believe he killed the victim, but it's clear as day what I personally think based on how I present the information. Secondary example. A person spends five years on a gaming forum, slowly ebbing away his self-assured "neutrality" by posting third-party sources which downplay, demean and undermine a console he himself dislikes. By doing this, he absolves himself of having made the statements himself, and in turn gets to play the blameless messenger, forgetting that the he, the messenger, has cherry-picked the myriad of missives on display. This is allusion through action.

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