Personal Narrative: The March Of Savanna High School

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As I run through the dry dirt of savanna high school, dust clouds blow into the air. I pass Ryan and he smiles at me, of course he puts his music to the max, which he does every time we run. I begin to slow down because my side hurts, and my mouth begins to dry up like a desert with no water. After five minutes of running I reach the end, I walk up to my tuba, which is next to my stuff, I grab my water jug and drink its cold, nice water and when i'm done I put it back. I sit down on the cool, cracked concrete and wait for my friends, alone I wait, alone and quiet.I am ok at tuba, but whenever I think of the upper class men I fell like i'm not good enough, everyone in my section is a senior and only one juniors, so I feel like I have to
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