Personal Narrative: The Michigan American High School Program

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“Hey! Do you want to go to the bonfire tonight? I can drive if you want!” I heard the question my friend asked me, and it gave me anxiety. Sure, I wanted to go to the bonfire. However, that meant I had to ask my parents if I could go. I did not want to answer their list of annoying questions. That meant I had to change my clothes from the sweatpants I was wearing. I did not feel like wearing jeans and a cute shirt. That meant I had to socialize with people. I did not have that kind of energy right now. What was the alternative though? My evening would otherwise go as follows: eat dinner, sit on the couch, and throw in a good movie. Pondering the question, I typed back to my friend. “Let me ask my parents!” I did not ask my parents and instead chose to not be social with my friends and stayed inside my comfort zone; that bothered me. During my freshman…show more content…
During the summer after my junior year, I attended the Michigan American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program at Michigan State University, which is a program aimed at helping young ladies become better citizens. I had to once more leap out of my comfort zone to attend this program, but I had no idea what was in store for me once I got there. During the short week I attended Girls State, I discovered who I was and who I could be. My newly made friends encouraged and pushed me to aim higher and try harder. They supported me while I swallowed my nerves before giving many speeches to over 300 girls. The girls there taught me to fight through my fears and go for things, even when failure ensued. I lost elections, stumbled in speeches, and did not make positions I hoped to, but still they wanted me to keep going. I discovered that failure was okay, and my friends still supported me and encouraged me to keep going after failure. I learned that, by taking that leap, I could accomplish things I had only ever imagined
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