Personal Narrative: The Most Memorable Day of my Life

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The most memorable day of my life is the day I came to America from Sierra Leona. I remember that day just like it was yesterday. I was 13 years old when I first heard that I was coming to United States. One day I was in my room sitting down thinking about going to my best friend`s house for some girls talk with her when I heard my aunt calling my name saying that my daddy`s on the phone asking to talk to me. I was kind of surprised at first, because I always had the feeling that my dad had forgotten about me. I went in the living room and took the phone from my aunty so I can respond to my daddy`s call. My dad all of the sudden starts apologizing to me and later on said baby guess what. I responded with what dad. I was very curious at that time, than he said in a very low, baby you are coming to America. I was so shocked and was in tears for at least 5 seconds, but they were tears of joy. The next day was the greatest day of my life; I got my coming to America heir style done by my aunt’s friend miss Angelo’s. She offers to braid my hair for free and not only that but also offers to take me out for shopping. I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world, I felt like I was going to heaven. I thought I would never be poor again in my life, to me back in the days, coming to America is like going to haven, but I guess my mind was deceiving me. Everybody in the whole house where I used to leave at honored me for the first time, and all that was just because they found out

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