Personal Narrative: The Never End Cycle Of Violence

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I come from the projects of Houston, Texas. I was born in an area called Trinity Gardens, the neighborhood that raised me taught me that if you want something you work for it, but if you are starving you do whatever it gets for it.

When you walk around my neighborhood you mainly see dope fiends. Throughout the day you will hear many ambulances and police sirens other than that occasionally you will hear gun shots, but not as much as back in the day when our neighborhoods were much worse.

The air we smell is nothing too bad nor is it special, I am glad that we have clean air because as far as I know our air is not as polluted as other states. Everyday my thoughts are I'm ready to go to college and move on to the next phase of my life so that my kids wont do and see the things I've seen.
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What I want to do is be a spokes-person for ghettos all across the world so I can make a difference and break the never ending cycle of violence between the
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