Personal Narrative: The New City Football Team

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I’d been waiting for this moment for months. I felt pumped. Ready as ever! It would be extraordinary. It was the first I’d ever seen the New York Jets play in person! It was imperative that I wear my Jets shirt. They were versing the team that they shared a stadium with, the New York Giants. But, even though it was just a preseason game, I was frantic that the Giants might win. I’m a New York Jets fan. So, I felt that it was crucial we win.We weren’t much of a team. The quarterback of our team at the time wasn’t that great, and neither was the rest of our line-up. But, I was excited to be there. My heart was beating as fast as a bullet, and my knee was bouncing like a ping-pong ball.
As we got to Metlife stadium, I thought it looked phenomenal! Many people were there, taking pictures, wowing at the marvellous, and ginormous stadium, and hoping that their team would win! There were green lights shining off the stadium, since it was a Jets home game. They were green as grass, and bright as the sun. We then started to walk up one big ramp to get to our seats. I felt like I had run a mile when we go to the top! When we got to our seats, I saw we were elevated above the ground, towering over the brawny players on the field. I didn’t want to fall and go “SPLAT!” on the field.
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“Let’s try to find a stand with hamburgers,” said my dad.
So we then walked around the stadium for about fifteen to twenty minutes, and we were hungry. My stomach was growling like a bear! Finally, we found a stand with hamburgers. My dad, my cousin Gregory, and I all got hamburgers, fries, and a drink. Cousin Eric got a hot dog, fries and a drink. Also, My Uncle Chris got a hot pretzel and a drink. Then, we were all settled, eating, and enjoying the game, when “some” of us had to use the bathroom. Because of that, we had missed a touchdown by Eric Decker, a wide receiver for the New York Jets.
“I can’t believe we missed it! I
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