Personal Narrative: The Nurse

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The nurse gestured for me to come closer. I took a few steps forward and she leaned towards me and whispered, “Try holding her hand. You’ll help her feel more at ease.” I was a little hesitant but I did as I was told and took the patient’s hand. I felt her hand mold into a strong grip around mine without hesitation. While the patient’s grip never lessened on my hand, sometimes it would clench up for a moment before slowly relaxing again. The rest of the staff was busy following the surgeon’s directions, moving quickly around the room. I felt uncomfortable being the only one standing still, doing nothing. So I glanced at the patient. She was breathing hard with her eyes closed, her hand still securely around mine. My hand was starting to hurt, so I tried to ease it out of her grip. But as the patient winced in pain, she grabbed my hand even more strongly.
Before the surgery, a nurse and I had visited her hospital room. The patient was an upbeat, talkative person who seemed strangely out of place at the hospital. She led most of our conversations, talking about her son and her daughter with whom she lived. She complained about them heartily, but the caring tone in her voice was apparent. They had recently moved into a new house and so far she had been constantly getting lost in it. She described it as if it was the most difficult problem in her life.
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My inability to ease the patient’s pain has motivated me to become a doctor so that the next time I am in a similar situation, I can actually help. As I go through college and medical school, I want to take what I will learn and apply that knowledge to benefit others. I want to expand my ability to help others through the classes I will take. This will improve me as a person because through helping others, I will be gaining more connections with people that will alter my perspective and benefit me in the long
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