Personal Narrative: The Organ Of The Brain

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There is a path laid out in front of me, made of individually carved out stones. All I know is, at the edge, lies the unknown. Embarking on this path means I will plunge headfirst, all in attempt to answer a simple question. But before I can begin, how did I start?

My eyes were practically glued to the head of the pig. After splitting open the pig’s thoracic cavity for studying, we had moved to the head. We worked to break the skull in order to fully take out the most potent and intricate organ of the body: the brain. I had set my mind on studying it, and this would be the moment I would see the structure that made us… us. And so, the moment we’ve all, well I’ve been waiting for. The skull had been cracked and peeled off. One of the students picked up the divine organ. They placed it on the mat, and…. a pink, slimy blob of tissue was all it was, and nothing more. Our very existence is manifested through a slice of ham. And yet, instead of my fascination dwindling, it only strengthened. How could this pink slab of lasagna create us as human beings? What generates
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My family is composed of...eccentric people: a distraught widowed mother with two polar opposite daughters, and me. Being a “man of science”, I looked for the cause-and-effect in their behavior. For this reason, I thought of pursuing psychology, but after seeing a psychologist myself, I felt that it wasn’t for me. Then, in 7th grade, we read a book about neuroscience, the study of the brain and nervous system. I already grasped that our environment influenced us. I had experienced it firsthand when my dad committed suicide and I witnessed how my sisters, mother, and I matured from his choice. But now, our personalities and tendencies could be explained physically with structure and chemicals. I finally understood (as much as a 13-year-old
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