Personal Narrative: The Pentecostal Church

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As a child, I was taught the beliefs of the Pentecostal Church. That church was interesting, to say the least. Ladies always wore skirts, people would start speaking in tongues in the service, most members were very closed-minded and, the part that most affected me: being gay was a sin. When I hit middle school, I began to see life outside of my church. People were gay and transgender. I wasn’t sure what to think about it. I had been taught that it was a sin, so why were these people so willingly rejecting the Lord? I had avoided it for a very long time- that is, until rumors started. Saying that I was in a lesbian relationship with my two best friends. I cried when approached, but not because it was inaccurate in any way. I was in denial about my love for girls. I wasn’t a lesbian, no;, I’ll get to that later. That rumors continued for a long time. My denial continued for a long time. I felt gross, I felt like I was betraying God. I prayed and prayed, but…show more content…
By the time I was in 9th grade, I had let go of the faith that had oppressed me for so long. I came out to my mom, and life was good. I began to become more open minded, which is how I realized that I wasn’t just gay. I’m also nonbinary (basically, I don’t fit feel either male nor female). The night I realized that, all my teachings as a child hit me like a semi-truck yet again. It’s okay for others, but not me! I still liked dresses, so why was I so sure I wasn’t a girl? It was hard to get past. But I took on my first changed name, Dawn, once I hit 10th grade. It was still feminine, perhaps even more so than my given name, but I just wanted something different. I told my grandmother, and she disowned me for quite a bit (she has came to accept me again). I spent a lot of my 10th grade searching for the right word for my gender, but I realize now that gender is a mess and I don’t have a word for how I feel, only transgender. And I love that aspect of myself, even if my own family
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