Personal Narrative: The Perception Of Women

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I’m the first to admit that as a woman, I say a lot of things that men will probably find confusing and stupid as you do but as many people would say a woman do have their own language, and for many years men I have known tried to understand the way a woman communicates. I personally would laugh about it because it’s known to be a classic thing for a woman to do and hope to god that when I do find a man that truly communicates and treats me fairly there will be no reason for my stupid comments. Now, do you think after saying my stupid comments I’m going to turn back no matter how stupid and ridiculous it is? Look regardless how delusional I sound the problem here is that you just don’t get how I feel and how my emotions are tied to my gut. In many occasions, I have promised myself not to waste my time but it gets to a point that I can’t help myself because for no apparent reason…show more content…
So I question it again … Do you have moments of clarity after you have an orgasm? Do you regret having sex with me? I think you don’t have regrets because if you did then you will not allow yourself to do it but you have confirmed that you allow it for convenience and to satisfy your needs. I allow it for the same reasons. Why the attitude? Is it wrong to expect for people to come into my life and put in the same effort as I do? Is it wrong to speak up about having a normal relationship with an understanding of each other? So it’s okay to have a type of relationship that consists of a one way with a dead end. Please tell me what’s wrong with this whole situation? So, why are you normal with me when the boys are around? You seem to show your playfulness and horniness more often they are here but the moment they leave your whole demeanor changes. Do I want to know why? Do you find yourself being miserable around me? Or do you hate living here with me? Or do you have regrets after we have sex? What is
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