Personal Narrative: The Play

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Tayler Wiederhold October 28, 2016 ELA 7/8 Ms. Coyle The Play I was always the quiet person that would sit in the back of the class. I’m certain that no one would expect me to partake in a play, but that’s what happened one day inside of my homeroom class. As I was sitting in my seat, the announcements came on. It was talking about what clubs and other things that were going on that day or during that week. That's when I heard about the school production. They were looking for a crew, cast, and extras. This got me excited( I love theater a great deal). I turned to see my friend’s reaction, but saw something different than what I expected. Her face was as if someone had placed confusion and surprise together and…show more content…
I had wanted to be early so that I felt that people wouldn’t judge me by taking the form. As my hand reached the fibers of the paper, I contemplated whether or not I should even try to audition. I couldn’t help myself stop thinking of how much I would embarrass myself. I after a long while of thinking, I decided to take my chances and go for it. People had started to arrive by that time, so I rushed to the gym. More excitement filled me, but this time it was mixed with fear. I don’t like to talk in front of a huge crowd of people, and people could judge me negatively. That was what I was thinking as I stepped through those enormous…show more content…
I was rehearsing my skipped through my head trying to prepare myself for what was going to happen. My brain wasn’t helping though. It kept giving me images of the abominable things that could happen. No matter how hard I tried to think about the favorable side of things, little clumps passed through the filter. “Tayler Wiederhold please make your way to the stage”, someone said. I felt like I would soon explode from embarrassment. I got up quickly, and briskly walked up to the stage. I stated and said my name just as I had practiced a million times in my head. It was extremely challenging, especially because someone was actually judging you and it wasn’t just in my head. Afterwards, I considered and anticipated about the impression I had made and if I had made it or not. My eyes drooped and my head nodded, from all of that stress leading up to it. My pencil was slipping from my hand as I was drifting into unconsciousness. When the sun was high in the sky, I checked the call board to see if I had made the cut, and yet I had. I was in the crew! I was still disappointed by the fact I wasn’t a character, but I wasn’t going to let this ruin my day. After all, I learned that you must try your hardest, and if you don’t succeed, don’t let it ruin your
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