Personal Narrative: The Power Of Anxiety

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My power would be a poetic one. Me embracing one of mankind’s most dangerous, prolific and effective enemies, one that plagued humanity for centuries: Anxiety. I would the power to at will induce extreme amounts of anxiety onto anybody in my line of sight. Imagine this; say I was at a bank making a deposit. The bank is only partially full, a good 30 people stand around in lines waiting for their turn to talk to the tellers. When suddenly, the loud sound of glass shattering rings out! I turn my head and see that a large skylight blown apart had been blown apart and a man stand in the center of the bank. I could see that the man was him; the evil supervillain Kite-Man! The man was very distinctive, wearing an eye bleeding green costume with…show more content…
Knowing that none of the mundane citizens could hope to resist his awesome powers of unpowered-flight. Of course, that is where my power would come in handy. Using the incredible power of Anxiety inducement, the grin on his face nearly instantly disappears. A mere second later his face begins to visibly tighten with suppressed anxiety. He starts to glance around the room in a panic, raising his arms and hunching his body, as if he is try to make himself less visible to the wide-eyed people in the bank. Finally, his anxiety comes to an apex. While stammering out mumbled apologies he hurriedly retreats from the building, nearly stumbling and falling flat on his face when he reaches the doors. Thanks to the incredible power of anxiety inducement, what could have been an intense and dangerous battle against supervillain with bystanders being potential hostages to the nefarious evildoer was instead a quick victory. Truly in a battle even between me and somebody as powerful as Condiment King would have predictable outcome with my power. Were I to have another power, something like super strength or shooting lasers out your eyes, an easy quick victory with no property damage would be much harder to come
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