Personal Narrative: The Sequence

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The Sequence Five months later David get a call from the hospital to tell him his results an he came back positive he drop the phone an cried he was in rage he put a hole in the wall at his house broke his television. He pray to god an ask him questions why me I haven't done nothing wrong but be good to her an make her life easy in this world. Then the test result for his child it was positive that it was his baby he was happy about that couldn't wait to see his health child of his Kelly calls him an ask forgiveness he tells her right now I can't talk to you disgust me at this time. But he told her the results for their child was his he ask why you put me through all of this only thing I wanted to do is to love you be…show more content…
Than King ask David how you feeling he said I'm fine I'm just get some fresh air King went back in the house wipe his tears away David got in his truck an pull off an park his car by a state park. He look around it wasn't nobody around beside a couple people in there boat fishing he pull out a twelve gage shotgun loaded it up put it underneath his chin an fired people look around it sound like a car just exploded. A ranger hears the sound an sees a truck but the end inside of the truck you see all smoke flowing through the air. The ranger calls for back up the ranger opens the door David whole face is gone brains all over the place blood everywhere everyone at the house hears the loud bang police officer ambulance truck is flying to the park helicopters flying to the seen. King did testes on David blood work an his results came back negative for HIV now he upset he wanted to know who mess up these test results and one of the nurses mess it up bad. King look at videos of that day she was on the phone an she mix up the labels and blood work so King fired her and explain to her i lost a best friend because you was not paying attention of what you was doing he committed suicide because of your actions he was
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