Personal Narrative: The Sheriff's Office

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“The Sheriff´s office has issued a mandatory evacuation order for your area.” A phone call like that will get you out of bed in a hurry, and it’s something you don’t get used too. I grew up in Ramona, California, a small rural town with not much to offer. Mountains, farm animals, hillbillies and fires… all a part of Ramona.
In 2007, the wildfires forced my family and many, many others, to evacuate our homes. It was more of a challenge for us over other families as we had 2 horses, 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 rats. Not only did we have to pack up the pets, but we had to decide what possessions to take. I was still young when this happened, so I just wanted to grab my stuffed animals and soccer ball. Luckily, the winds blew the fires away from our house, and all
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With that, I was able to experience behind the scenes action in the hospital. Many people may think they want to work in a certain area or field, but once they actually get there, they realize it's not for them. I was one of those people. I aspired to be a paramedic or an emergency technician, but after spending time in the ER at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, I came to accept it wasn´t the job for me. I didn't want to work in a typical hospital setting. I wanted to be out and traveling, helping those in areas with poor health care, trying to find ways to fight incurable diseases; not in an air conditioned room with an elderly lady claiming her toe feels tingly.
The fires uncovered my passion for helping people in disasters, and HSHMC showed me ways I could enjoy doing my job, in a setting where I really could make a difference. My aspirations for my career haven't changed too drastically, as I still want to be in fast-paced, emergency situations, just not in the typical, everyday way you may think about. Being overseas, aiding in developing countries, giving care to those who have no other options. That's where I want to

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