Personal Narrative : The Silent Tears

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The Silent Tears
Have you ever been robbed? Being robbed is not about being brave, but being safe.
During the Christmas season when I was 14, I wake up early on a beautiful Monday morning trying to find my father. My father had a small business in the market place, and I wanted to go to work with him that morning. I was in need of extra money for Christmas gifts. I was full of energy, enthusiasm, confidence and a heart full of love and trust. When I finally found my father who was outside loading the car with the merchandise, I asked “Dad can I go to work with you today? I want to help you, so I can make some extra money for gifts.” There was a long pause before he said “Are you sure you can handle it, remember it is Christmas time and people come from all over the country to shop, and we will be very busy.” I quickly replied “Of course, I am good with math, and how hard it could be to sell the famous Chinese melamine dishes?
My father continued “Let’s take your sister to help you too.”
On our way to the Market my dad said “I will help you girls to set up and I need to head out to storage to get more merchandise” Before he left he reminded us of the prices of all the items we will be selling in our little store. While we waited for my father to return, we practiced our math so we will be right on with the money. As the time passed my sister and I became better at the small addition and subtraction equations we were practicing. We felt more and more confident, so we began

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