Personal Narrative: The Situation Of Loss

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The situation of loss was my own family. A little background about my extended there were all heavy smokers and non-diagnosed alcoholics. My grandparents died within 6 months of each other. My grandmother died unexpectedly, leaving my grandfather alone to drink himself to death. They left behind five daughters and three sons. The loss of my grandparents impacted their children in different ways. Most of which, four daughters and a son, did not change their way of life and have died from cancer, strokes, or liver disease within 15 years of my grandparents’ death. My father along with a brother and sister took it upon themselves to quit smoking and drinking. My father started running and working out the local gym his was in good health. Even with the lifestyle changes my father had he still battled colon cancer, however he has been in remission for the 10 years. My father’s brother and sister do not to have any major health issues they are in their late 60’s. I have twenty cousins that are alive. The cousins do not seem not be excessive drinkers although a few do smoke.…show more content…
The death of grandmother included arguing about where she was going to be buried. I think stress in my extended family brought out feelings of anger and resentment. The death of my grandmother took the family by complete surprise. No one had prepared for her death. I remember going to my grandparents’ house after her death and my grandfather just sitting at the dinner table with his bottle of gin. I guess they were all in denial no one appeared to know what to do. I’m not sure if anyone tried to help my grandfather or if he just did not want the
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