Personal Narrative: The St.Judes Ranch Prom

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I have been involved in the Youth Council for about one year. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Being in the Youth council has really taught me a great deal and has given me a new perspective. Before joining the Youth Council I was seldom involved in any community service activities outside of my school. I was fortunate enough to find out about the Youth Council through a family member and quickly signed up to volunteer. The first event I ever volunteered with through the Youth Council was The St. Jude’s Ranch Prom. It was a very worthwhile volunteer experience. Every child had a different story, a different background, and a different circumstance. For one night they were able to focus on something else; it was something they had been looking forward to. Most everyone wants to have that ‘Prom’ experience. It’s something people don’t easily forget. We knew that some of the children there would be unable to participate in such an event because of their situation. Fortunately the Youth Council was able to bring the Prom to them. I was able to meet many of the kids participating and it was a very rewarding encounter. They were elated that someone was doing so much to make them happy. It was evident how much work had been put into organizing the event. Every child from St.Jude’s Ranch was able to pick out a gown and suit to wear. The children were ecstatic. I helped them to set up all the clothes that was donated simply for that event and volunteered the day of the

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