Personal Narrative-The Starter

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After arriving to the start line, I noticed their were over ten teams. This was more than I expected, based on my movie experience. Now I was even more skittish. All the experienced, agile competitors were intimidating. One of team captains said it was time to jog out.
Not really knowing what that meant, I tried to mock the girls in front of me. Easy enough, we jogged to the imaginary line and back. When we got back I plopped down on the ground and began stretching. I was in a bit of a daze so didn't notice the arrogant man with microphone and gun walking up-who we call "The Starter.” Snapping out of it, I sprang up and went into a stance to begin running. Patiently, I waited for him to talk. "The Starter" announced that it was a two command
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